At times it is a fun and rewarding exercise to go through recent and old records. Here is a selection of the journey of our stud & some of our horses over the last 2 + decades 

Ecuestre Magazine

Hanna Stud was featured in the monthly ANCCE magazine published worldwide in Spanish & English 2014

Ecuestre article

Spanish Ecuestre magazine article in 2012

DNZ Championships

PRE gelding Hanna Alejandro (Zorro) owned by Christine Buchanan, was selected as a cover for the new DNZ official dressage test booklet 2019

NZ Horse Book

Hanna Stud & Paseo II featured in the 2018 publication of the NZ Horse Book, representing the PRE horse in NZ

Australian Horses & People article (1)

Australian Horses & People article featuring Tara Esmeralda & Hanna Poderoso (2)

Australian Horses & People Magazine article featuring Alondra XXIX & Tara Esmeralda

Australian Horses&People magazine featuring Jaleador de JC III (4)

Greeting Cards

Jaleador de JC III features on greeting cards available throughout NZ, designed by Antonia Dawson.

Spanish/English PRE horse book

Spanish/English PRE horse book featuring Paseo II and his most important ancestors. (1)

Paseo II article

Paseo II in PRE book article about Vinatero III

Paseo II article

Paseo II article (3)

2013 Paseo book advert

Paseo II book advert

2013 Paseo II  book advert

2013 Paseo II book advert

Jaleador de JC III & Tres Cotos

Jaleador de JC III still in Spain featuring in article about his breeder, Tres Cotos, in major Spanish horse book 2009.

PRE horse book featuring Tres Cotos

Feature on Tres Cotos stud, breeder of Jaleador de JC III

Bulletin advert and editorial Sept 2012.

NZ Bulletin advert and editorial 2012

Paseo II breed selection book

Paseo II features in the annual breed selection publication of the Spanish Studbook.

Breeding News for Sport Horses

Hanna Stud interview for Canadian based internet publication "Breeding News for Sport Horses" 2012

Ecuestre Magazine Spain 2006

Spanish Ecuestre magazine article about the first ever PRE horse show in NZ 2006, featuring Alma Director & Moonshine Lace.

Australian Horse Deals Magazine

Cover of Australian Horse Deals magazine Stallion issue 2018, featuring Hanna Poderoso

Hanna Stud Feature in PRE book

Hanna Stud participates in international book on the PRE horse.

Original website

One of our first website home page designs around 2002, featuring Foundation stallion, Farino.

H&P article Hanna Stud

H&P 2004 Stud article featuring Jovencita III * Alma Director (1)

H&P 2004 Stud article featuring Jovencita III * Alma Director (2)

H&P 2004 Stud article featuring Jovencita III * Alma Director (3)

Hanna PRE Stud HT 2001

Horse Trader magazine 2001

H&P magazine cover page

H&P Magazine 1999 title page featuring Hanna Entendida

H&P magazine article

Article in H&P magazine in 1999

H&P magazine update

Stud update feature in H&P magazine 1997

HT magazine article 1997

1997 Horse Trader Magazine article, where it all began