Jaleador de JC III (imp. Spain in 2007)

Sire: Ultimado V                       Dam: Jaleadora II
Height 16.1hh                           Colour homozygous grey


Basic Aptitud score:  85 points
Qualified Tribunal scores: total 74.45 (74.88 morphology, 21.95 movement)


Jaleador de JC III, from the stud farm of Jacobo Corsini, Tres Cotos in Toledo, arrived in NZ in July 2007 as the first and so far only qualified PRE breeding stallion imported to NZ from Spain. 


The qualified/licensed status is a major achievement in the Spanish breed selection programme, only surpassed by the elite status, which is usually reserved for animals with proven performance records in international level FEI competitions. It selects for those animals which are deemed to possess the high qualities in breed conformation, movement , structural soundness of bone and limbs and reproductive capacity, to be specifically selected as breeding animals to help improve the breed and to be crossed with other breeds for a superior performance animal.


Jaleador's conformation is second to none in NZ and he has proven himself to be a very pre-potent sire, passing his correct genetic traits onto his offspring with consistency:

  • strong bone

  • strong and correct topline with strong loins

  • correctly rounded croup

  • well set legs with correct angulation

  • overall beauty and harmony

  • superb temperament

  • good heads with correct fronto-nasal profiles

  • well shaped necks set into correctly sloping shoulders

  • strong and broad withers


With these traits, Jaleador is the prefect sire to improve any P.R.E. breeding programme. He has also shown to produce beautiful and correct foals when crossed with mares of other breeds.




Bloodlines & Achievements


Jaleador carries impressive PRE genetics, coming from a stud farm which was established in 1970 and has dedicated itself to breeding PRE horses since 1980 after selectively purchasing some of the top mare and stallion lines in the country.

Today, they produce some excellent dressage horses as well as horses for the competitive driving discipline. In fact, the stud was host to the 2005 Spanish National Driving Championships.


Furthermore Jaleador shared some of his genetics with such illustrious PRE stallions as Fuego de Cardenas via his sire line. Both horses going back to the well known Hispano IV

Ubio, another PRE stallion, also made international dressage headlines a little while ago, for being the first ever PRE stallion licensed for a Germany Warmblood studbook, and Illes, who is one the dressage mounts of Victor Alvarez.


In 2012 Jaleador achieved the highest scores of over 40 PRE horses inspected in NZ, achieving a level of excellence which would make him competitive with any top PRE horse internationally (Total score: 112.75, morphology 89.75, movement 23)



Photo Antonia Steeg
Photo Antonia Steeg

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Photo Antonia Steeg
Photo Antonia Steeg

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Fuego de Cardenas
Fuego de Cardenas

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Offspring & Relatives


Jaleador has proven himself a prepotent sire, his qualities being passed onto his offspring consistently. Please enjoy the photos below, showing some of his P.R.E. and crossbred foals in NZ, Australia and Spain, as well as photos of some of his relatives.


At our stud, we have retained 4 filllies for our future breeding programme.

In Spain, his son Sureno has been successfullly shown in morphology competitions. Hanna Poderoso, was sold to ParaEquestrienne, Victoria Davies in Australia as her future dressage horse. Hanna Mistica, the oldest PRE filly retained by our stud, achieved high morphology scores as a two year old, during the 2012 NZ judging tour (Total Score 96.25, morphology 77.25, movement 19). Hanna Alejandro has been sold as a 2.5 year old colt to North Auckland, to be used as a future dressage horse and stud stallion at Fuego Lodge.

Three foals have successfully been conceived by frozen semen, all in mares aged over 10 years old. 

HF Bespoke
Alejandro Champs1
Hanna Mistica, 2 year old filly
ASH Primero, yearling colt
Baroque Olympico
Hanna Athena, yearling filly
Jaleador de JC IV, half brother
Dulce Vida, PRE filly
Hanna Poderoso, weanling colt
Hanna Athena, yearling filly
Berwick Adora, 2nd cross foal
Hanna Alejandro, colt foal
Hanna Poderoso, colt foal
Hanna Carina, filly foal
HF Bespoke, Warlander colt
warmblood cross filly foal
Jaleador de JC IV, half brother
Dulce Vida, filly foal
Hanna Cantora, filly foal
HF Bespoke, Warlander
Hanna Amorosa, 2 year old filly
Mistica and Princesa
Hanna Alejandro, 2 year old colt
Hanna Mistica, 2 year old filly